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Breathless in Love -- Jennifer Skully
Breathless in Love
Jennifer Skully

Pleasing Mr. Sutton -- Jasmine Haynes
Pleasing Mr. Sutton
Jasmine Haynes


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the worlds of Jennifer Skully and Jasmine Haynes!

I’ve got the most amazing announcement to make! Writing as Jennifer Skully, I’ve teamed up with my good friend Bella Andre to bring you an exciting and emotional new contemporary romance series. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working on this series with Bella. In the coming months look for The Maverick Billionaires! Breathless in Love is available now, to be followed by Reckless in Love on Nov 11, 2015, and Fearless in Love on Apr 20, 2016.

Also, don't miss the current freebie, Dead to the Max, Max Starr Series Book 1. In addition, Twisted By Love  my reincarnation tale, will be free (for the first time ever) on Amazon from 6/12 to 6/14.

Yes, we’re the same author, but we have different writing tastes. Even if we are in the same body.

If you like laugh-out-loud contemporary romance, then look for the works of Jennifer Skully. There’s also a heavy dose of thrilling mystery laced with the romantic comedy, and the light side of paranormal romance, too. We’ve got sexy alpha heroes and second-chance-at-love stories. And reincarnation. I haven’t done time travel yet. Hmm, maybe that’s something for the future! Look at the latest in the Cottonmouth series, Can’t Forget You.

Jasmine Haynes writes sensual, classy, contemporary romance. My specialty is office romance. I just love sexy, alpha executive types. I worked in Silicon Valley for many years, and they say write what you know! But I’ve also got tear-jerkers for you and family sagas. Prepare to be a little shocked, too! Read more about my new release in the West Coast series, Pleasing Mr. Sutton.

Max Starr is a world unto herself, unlike any of my other books. She’s a psychic, her husband’s a ghost, and then there’s the sexy, hunky detective. So get ready for some paranormal twists in the gritty mystery world of Max Starr.

My latest fetish is audiobooks. I adore them. I listen to romance, mystery, thriller, historical, paranormal. And now I’m venturing into audiobooks myself, with a fabulous narrator. You’ll find both Jennifer Skully and Jasmine Haynes books on the audio bookshelf. We’re working on the West Coast series right now. Revenge, West Coast Book 1, Submitting to the Boss, Book 2, and The Boss's Daughter, Book 3, are ready for your listening pleasure! The Other Man, Book 4, has been approved for sale, so we're just waiting for ACX and Audible to release it!

For news on releases and info on free books I’m running, I’d love to have you join my newsletter.

Thanks for reading!

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